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Technical and reliable environment clean is the needs of the development of fasteners
Fastener enterprises should focus on technological innovation, continuously improve the level of fastener manufacturing, energy conservation, protection of environment and sustainable development.
Over the past 10 years, China is fastener industry is rapid development has made China a world factory part. Can be said that the world is most famous traders have found their adopted Chinese OEM, but because the majority of fastener production of extensive management, energy and environmental issues of concern to more and more people.
Fastener enterprises should focus on technological innovation, continuously improve the level of fastener manufacturing, energy conservation, protection of environment and sustainable development.
1. Advanced technology
Fastener manufacturing technology involves wide. Now the forming fastener products, mainly as a "thermoplastic molding + (auxiliary cutting) + Threading" and "cold plastic molding + (auxiliary cutting) + thread processing" of two categories, and to adopt automatic forming cold heading shape as the main mode of production.
Biggest difference between domestic and foreign equipment is used in varying degrees of precision, control level, additional features efficiency, reliability and so different, many companies have purchased multi-function digital bolts, nuts, cold heading machine, six from the four-mode four-washed red model 6 Cold heading machine, relatively high price, but value for money. For the manufacture of special parts, high precision parts really reflects the technology level.
Automatic multi-function cold heading machine has become the mainstream of the global fastener industry equipment, the domestic and bound to a new round of innovation in brewing equipment in an equipment or a new update will come at some point.
Fasteners clean finished product is the very important project. Plating fasteners must be finished outside the clean, have full use of ultrasonic cleaning, aqueous cleaning, complete cleaning of fastener products, then turn black, phosphate, oil.
2. Less pollution emissions
State production of environmental protection and a higher stringent emissions requirements, drawing process must consider the renewal and transformation of existing old equipment, purchase of non-polluting emissions while increasing investment in high-tech equipment to improve production and the surrounding environment, saponification solution with phosphorus recycling, waste acid collection, reduce or avoid the external harmful gas emissions, create green production environment.
3. Stable and reliable production process control
Cold forming processes and heat treatment on quenched and tempered, carburizing process to produce the entire process of system control. As the cold heading machine more efficient and continuous mesh belt furnace production capacity, through a dedicated auto-detection equipment on the irregular, cracking, product mix, and sorting out substandard products, not only can guarantee product quality, and savings in manpower, material resources to simplify the subsequent surface treatment process, the overall economic efficiency is very obvious.
4. Equipment maintenance
In the fastener manufacturing process, equipment, stability and reliability to ensure product quality and stability of conditions. At present, domestic and international cold heading machine and the continuous mesh belt furnace equipment manufacturers are more important components are selected according to their standards and manufacturing, repair and maintenance to the user brings a lot of inconvenience. To provide users with convenient, high-efficiency equipment for high-tech popularization and application of the proposed equipment manufacturers around the (mainly fastener production base) the establishment of spares to provide fast technical support and security to reduce the user is worries.
Since July 1 fastener product 13% export tax rebate rate down to 5% of the added value of the already very limited fastener enterprises, first of all, to improve manufacturing quality and reduce the cost of tool and die consumption; Second, reduce the production of accessories costs, and increase value-added "income and reduce expenditure." Thus, fasteners and equipment technical reliability, environmental protection and clean is the first, especially in the energy-saving, cost saving advantages of running more prominent.
To this end, the construction of a conservation society environment, the fastener business equipment should be put into a new round of upsurge of technological transformation.
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