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China fastener need development advanced manufacture technology
"The 21st century in technology, economy, particularly the macro security, human society fasteners made new demands, particularly in the mechanical performance requirements, need to improve comprehensive."
Since reform and opening, with the fifth anniversary of China is accession to WTO, the Chinese fastener industry had a rapid development, now China is fastener production has been the first in the world. Over the past 10 years, through joint ventures, learn advanced foreign technology, import advanced equipment and production technology, management methods, and accumulated experience, training personnel, the overall level of the Chinese fastener industry has a new upgrade.
However, China is fastener industry in product development, core technology has always been the lack of autonomy, lack of independent R & D and innovation capacity. Currently, almost all foreign auto fasteners multinational companies, are produced in various ways into China, they use their advanced technology in China fasteners market step by step to consolidate their positions, seize the market share of China is fastener on independent development of Chinese fastener industry an enormous challenge, the situation is pressing behind.
Today, as people raise the level of understanding of the Chinese fastener industry has gradually in-depth, more and more aware of the industry, if it continues to extend the "market for technology" line of thinking, no matter no matter how advanced the technology used, are always like a weaned child will not, can not do without foreign "mothers" the embrace of the left will "starve." China is fastener industry has developed to a certain level, and now the key question is to the critical stage when people can no longer rely on a bold breakthrough in key technologies and raw materials, cold forming defect core technology, this is what we do and should do .
It is also in this case, a high degree of size up the situation in China Fastener Association made a decision, "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, should the level of industrial technology to enhance independent innovation, the development of advanced manufacturing technology, encourage tertiary institutions, technology research at institutions into enterprises, to play all kinds of enterprises, especially SMEs, innovation and vitality, encourage technological innovation and invention, to strengthen technical consultation, technology transfer and other intermediary services. Stable prices of raw materials, to provide a fastener business development opportunities, many steel companies have taken the initiative to establish long term cooperation with the fastener strategic partnership, these fasteners are for the large-scale enterprises to grow the "green light."
From growth, China is undoubtedly the fastener market growth potential in the world is most dynamic and largest market. Whether private enterprise or state-owned enterprises in the past year, performance was still relatively short-sighted some hope to the "shortcut" the company a lot of people. The new year, think the real cold yet become the norm, if there are more companies consider the "next" how to walk, how to locate, which will greatly benefit from China is fastener industry will Fasteners Powers Fasteners to power in China to Created in China from the days of not far off.
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