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China merchants international fasteners hardware overseas
On July 1, 2007, the tenth anniversary of Hong Kong is return to the motherland in the mainstream media, Hong Kong Hong Kong commercial daily use a sheet of China international fasteners hardware (CIFC) gives promotion. Meanwhile, China international fasteners hardware in the fastener major website (Chinese edition, international trade nets fasteners and Chinese version, gold spider screws, etc) launch series www.CIFC365.com English have opened, Stuttgart, Germany, Las Vegas, North America and the investment promotion in Quebec, work comprehensively launches in the global investment CIFC prelude of comprehensive open.
From April, China international fasteners hardware in wenzhou, ningbo, successively established three regions of haiyan fixed investment promotion centers. In guangdong, anshan, etc in various professional exhibition, through the form of investment annual fasteners. Now the whole work is smooth progress in enterprises, signing has reached 700, including jiaxing brother jin billion, JinChun, ChangBiao, such as the top 20 16 fasteners enterprise. The domestic investment project has been phased victory.
On September 19-20, haiyan government with China international fasteners hardware will to Stuttgart, Germany in 2007, Stuttgart, Germany fasteners exhibition. Stuttgart, Germany fasteners show in Europe is the most professional fasteners, strong international influence. This exhibition has international famous fastener products, equipment manufacturer and wholesaler, exhibition will display all kinds of new product, various categories, high science and technology content, represents the related industries and technology trends. From 19 countries last year, 350 exhibitors.
In this exhibition, haiyan county and China international fasteners hardware joint project will promote, currently has invited Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Europe on mechanical components of fastener production enterprises and purchasers. The signing has been in Germany, Spain, Italy and Europe and the purchaser, fastener production enterprises in Stuttgart, Germany will be returning to discuss cooperation.
Nov. 13-14, the international industrial fasteners, spring fair held in Las Vegas, China international fasteners hardware will also to participate. This exhibition started in 1981, is the world is largest exhibition has extensive international influence. The last exhibition has come from all over the world is top 500 companies, about a hundred fastener products in international manufacturer and wholesaler, equipment. Fairs various advanced material, variety and high science and technology content, reflected in the world today is the most advanced level of fasteners.
The main goal CIFC foreign exhibitors at the foreign buyers or and production enterprises. Let all over the world are able to understand the international fasteners buyers CIFC to China, let them more attention, haiyan CIFC attention. But now the subject in overseas promotion project is 50 million square meters of still professional exhibition procurement center and 2 years MianZu policy. These advantages and policy in haiyan has suffered from Taiwan, Spain, Italy, North America and other international procurement - "regular" recognized by the sea.
CIFC will lend exhibition opportunities and many large purchases and intimate contact with overseas exhibitors, and to further implement the overseas exhibitors organization of work.
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