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In 2006 the advanced worker appraisal
In 2006 the advanced worker appraisal
In 2005, the correct leadership in the enterprise under the leadership of the decisions and, in the joint efforts of all the employees, our factory and steady development, each aspect has achieved good results, for the sustainable development of enterprise has laid a solid foundation. To further perfect our incentive mechanism, the enhancement enterprise cohesive force, fully mobilize and play staff, advanced typical subjective, promote the development of work, according to the performance evaluation scheme adjust always the basic idea, the advanced worker appraisal in 2006.
A comparison and advanced
Each department, workshop and accessory department staff.
Second, the advanced comparison principle
1, fairness, openness, fairness, reliable, and cry.
2, the production line production expert and management backbone; To develop, technology, technology and marketing management backbone tilt, To unmanageable, management of complex jobs; For enterprises to make outstanding contributions and special contribution to the personnel.
Third, the advanced comparison frequency and appraisal of time
Each quarter, appraisal appraisal early time due to the beginning of April 2006, July, 2007 in October and early January.
Four, advanced appraisal
Each of the 15 ~ 20 top advanced worker in this workshop, workshop of on-the-job worker number of 2% fewer than 50 people recommend, the department has equipped with advanced, the condition can submit 1 person, allowing the vacancy, Every department office and accessory department can submit one, allowing the vacancy.
Five, the advanced worker appraisal conditions
(a) the basic conditions
1, abide by the party and state policies, abide by the laws ChangJi suggested.
2, wuxi, initiative, the enterprise with confidence, loyal to his duty.
Three times this season, leaving early and late to zero.
This disease, not more than three days leave the accumulative total.
5 and no record this season with the quality.
6 and years without absenteeism.
7 years without quarrel, fight and other bad record.
8 and not accidents and larger quality accident.
9, each month to finish the work piece staff positions are task, basic work completed monthly.
10 and transferred for two companies.
Note: not one that accords with afore-mentioned conditions, cut out.
Meet the following requirements: plus review forerunner
1, the excess to finish manufacturing task or finish arrangement of temporary work.
2 and not work, or find errors in error, avoid adverse effects or loss.
3 and actively identify problems and handling or positive reports, avoid or save the enterprise is losses.
4 and actively tap potential energy, and through technical innovation and improvement, for the enterprise cost increase efficiency.
5 and timely find loopholes in management, and puts forward Suggestions for enterprises to reduce costs, to avoid or save the company losses.
Six, advanced appraisal way
1 and the advanced worker selection time paragraph 3.
2 and departments for the advanced worker to corporate governance and list of written materials (must), business administration office collect of the newspaper after comparison group after comparison, always pay.
3, written material requirements, true, avoid by all means is empty, pale, and try to speak with facts and figures.
According to the above requirements and departments of the advanced earnest organization quarterly staff appraisal, timely filing materials, voted for comparison with excellent enterprise, outstanding style, can play the model leading role, and to inspire the employee morale, encouraging enterprises of the advanced worker, make every employee in the example of dedication, hard work, positive enterprising, strive for the development of the enterprise, and shape contribute their strength.
Changshu fastener factory always
Two OO February 2006
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