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    Welcome To Changshu City Standard Parts Factory
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Changshu City Standard Parts Factory

Address:No.88 Xin`anjiang Road,Southeast Development Zone,Changshu City,Jiangsu Province,China

Post Code:215500
Contact:Jian Dong 

General Machine:0512-52811688
Foreign Trade Division: 3031 (extension) ,0512-52810954 (direct)
Foreign Trade Development Division One: 3007 (extension) ,0512-52810113 (direct)
Foreign Trade Development Division Two: 3015 (extension) ,0512-52810102 (direct)
Manager’s Office of Domestic Sale: 3053 (extension) ,0512-52810064 (direct)
Domestic Sale Division One: 3029 (extension) ,0512-52810232 (direct)
Domestic Sale Division Two: 3044 (extension) ,0512-52811448 (direct)
Domestic Sale Division Three: 3033 (extension) ,0512-52810324 (direct)
Domestic Sale Division Four: 3034 (extension) ,0512-52811624 (direct)
Domestic Sale Division Five: 3027 (extension) ,0512-52818350 (direct)
Domestic Sale Division Six: 3107 (extension) ,0512-52835275 (direct)
Quality Division:0512-52358257 (direct)
Technology Division: 3003 (extension) ,0512-52810105 (direct)

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